The Chief Executive Member

Kali Kumar Tongchangya

Shri Kali Kumar Tongchangya, the incumbent CEM of CADC

The Executive Powers of the District Council rest on the Executive Committee of the District Council, which is headed by a Chief Executive Member. His position in the Executive is akin to that of the Chief Minister or Prime Minister and the Executive Committee to that of the Cabinet at Centre or State. Normally the leader of the majority party gets elected as the Chief Executive Member. However, the post has to be contested through election.

The Chief Executive Member exercises all its executive powers in the name of the Executive Committee of the District Council.

The present Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council, Sri Kali Kumar Tongchangya assumed office on. This is his second term as the Chief Executive Member, the first term being when he assumed office on 11.3.2008, after their victory in the 8th General Election to the District Council, under the political banner of Indian National Congress.

He joined active politics during 1992 at the age of 26 while pursuing his 2nd year B.A. Course in the Hrangbana College of Aizawl and eventually had to sacrifice his study to devote himself in politics.

His first electoral contest during the General Election of 1993 to the District Council won him a berth as Member of District Council (MDC). Subsequently, he held various portfolios through his long political career viz. as Deputy Chairman, Executive Member i/c of different departments.

He also served the post of President, Chakma District Youth Congress Committee from 1993 to 2008. A year after he was selected as President of Chakma District Congress Committee.


Since the creation of the Chakma Autonomous District Council, the portfolio of the Chief Executive Member has been held through different periods of time by the following persons:

Sl. No Chief Executive Member Tenure
1 Kali Kumar Tongchongya 29-09-2015
2 Buddha Lila Chakma 20-01-2014 25-09-2015
3 Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma 25-04-2013 07-01-2014
4 Kali Kumar Tongchongya 11-03-2008 23-04-2013
5 Rashik Mohan Chakma 26-02-2003 20-02-2008
6 Rashik Mohan Chakma 14-12-1999 18-02-2003
7 Pulin Bayan Chakma 22-01-1998 12-12-1999
8 Adi Kanta Tongchongya 20-07-1994 21-01-1998
9 Pulin Bayan Chakma 24-01-1993 19-07-1994
10 Pulin Bayan Chakma 29-01-1988 23-01-1993
11 Nutan Kumar Chakma 03-01-1987 23-01-1988
12 Pulin Bayan Chakma 21-04-1983 02-01-1987
13 Ramoni Chakma 27-01-1983 20-04-1983
14 Nilo Muni Chakma 15-03-1978 23-01-1983
15 Sneha Kumar Chakma 17-12-1973 01-05-1976
16 Nilo Muni Chakma 23-01-1973 16-12-1973
17 Atul Chandra Chakma 02-04-1972 22-01-1973