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CADC Monsoon Session Concludes

Kamalanagar 29 July, 2016: The Monsoon Session of Chakma Autonomous District Council which started on 25th of this month concluded today over three sittings. This session will be one of the most productive with five Bills having passed. In the first sitting the bills were tabled and the session was adjourned till 28th July 2016.

The CADC (Money Lending & Control) Regulation, 2016, the CADC (Employees Pension Fund) Rules, 2016 and the CADC (Recruitment) Rules, 2016 were introduced by the House Leader Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya. The first two were introduced in the previous Session which were referred to Select Committees for further study. The bills have been re-introduced in this Session after necessary modification by the Select Committees. Continue reading

Chakma Council Passed Budget on Vote on Account (2016-17)

Kamalanagar, 17 July, 2015: The Monsoon session of Chakma Autonomous District Council which started on 15th concluded today. The sitting discussed and voted the Vote on Account on estimate of expenditure for the period upto October, 2015.

The Vote on Account presented on the first sitting on 15th made an estimate for an expenditure of Rs.981.71 Lakh and Rs.1751.83 Lakh under plan and non-plan sector respectively. A lion share of the estimate of Rs.2658.87 Lakh is for payment of salary to staff. Only a meager Rs.74.67 Lakh is left for disposal to take up administrative and developmental activities. Continue reading

Chakma Council Monsoon Session Starts

Kamalanagar, 15 July, 2015: The first session of the 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the current fiscal year started today. The full budget could not be presented because of non-receipt of budgetary allocation from the state Government in full. The CEM, CADC opted for a Vote on Account on estimates of expenditure for the period April to October’ 2015 for plan sector and for the period June to October’ 2015 for Non-plan sector. Continue reading

CADC MDC LAD Fund Introduced

Kamalanagar, 11 June 2016: CADC MDC LAD fund has been introduced for the first time ever in CADC from this financial year. The scheme is also practiced at the state and central level.

This year Rs.20 Lakh has been earmarked under the scheme. Rs.8 Lakh has been already sanctioned. There are 20 MDC constituencies in CADC. Continue reading

Dangu Laxmi Bikash Chakma, MDC, Chakma Council Was Administered the Oath of Office

Kamalanagar, 10 May, 2016: Dangu Laxmi Bikash Chakma who was elected to 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council in the by-election to 10-Mandirasora MDC Constituency held on 28/4/2016 was administered the oath of office yesterday in the office of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Chawngte. Pu Lalfakzuala, SDO, Chawngte administered the oath of office.
The oath of office ceremony was attended by the members of the District Council, BJP party members and officials from CADC. Continue reading

BJP Wins the Mondirasora MDC By-election Under Chakma Council

Kamalanagar, 30 April 2016: The BJP won the Mondirasora MDC by-election of Chakma Autonomous District Council which was held day before yesterday. Three contestants were in the fray, one each from INC, BJP and MNF party. Dangu Onishmoy Chakma, Dangu Laxmi Bikash Chakma and Dangu Purna Chandra were the candidates for INC, BJP and MNF repectively. Dangu Laxmi Bikash Chakma secured 605 votes, Dangu Onish Moy Chakma 369 votes and Dangu Purna Chandra 180 votes. Continue reading

Chakma Council Budget Session 2016-17 Starts

Kamalanagar, 14 March 2016: Chakma Autonomous District Council today sat for the first sitting of the Budget Session 2016-17. The sitting discussed two unstarred questions and two starred questions. Two officials Bills namely CADC Group A & B Gazetted Service Rule’ 2016 and CADC Group B Non-Gazetted Post C & D Service Rule’ 2016 were introduced by the House Leader Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC. Continue reading

Indralal Chakma, MDC, CADC Passes Away (1964-2015)

Indralal Chakma

Indralal Chakma (1964 – 2015)

Kamalanagar, 6 December 2015: Dangu Indralal Chakma a Member of Chakma Autonomous District Council breathed his last on 01/12/2015 at Indraprastha Appolo Hospital, Delhi after a long drawn fight with lung cancer. His mortal remains were brought back from Delhi on Saturday and cremated on the day itself.

He was elected to the 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council from 10-Mondirasora MDC constituency with MNF party ticket during the last MDC general Election held on 17/04/2013. Continue reading

Chakma Council Sits Over the Winter Session; Full Budget Placed

Kamalanagar, 12 November: The 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council sat over the Winter Session of this fiscal year today. The session will continue for three days.

Today, in its first sitting the regular full budget was placed by the House leader Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC. So far, this financial year the Council has been running on vote on Accounts Budgets. The first Vote on Account Budget was placed on 24th March, 2015 and the second Vote on Account was laid on 15th July, 2015. Continue reading

Dayal Chandra Chakma Elected New Chairman of Chakma ADC

Kamalanagar, 20 October, 2015: Dangu Dayal Chandra Chakma was elected today uncontested as Chairman, Chakma Autonomous District Council. The office of the Chairman was rendered vacant following the resignation tendered by Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya on 21 September 2015. His resignation was accepted on 25 September 2015 by His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram. Continue reading