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Meeting Of The Syllabus And Text Book Committee Held

Kamalanagar, August 30, 2016: A meeting of the Syllabus & Text Book Committee, a Sub-Committee under District School Education Board (DSEB) was called on 30/8/2016 by the Secretary, DSEB, Dg. Ganachandra Chakma in his office chamber to prepare a new Syllabus and the CCE Work Plan. The meeting was presided by Dg. Sushil Kumar Chakma, President, DSEB.

Dg. Amarsmriti Chakma EM i/c Primary School Education, Dg. Parimal Chakma, EM i/c Middle School Education and Dg. Ranga Mohan Chakma, EO, MSE attended the meeting besides some other officials of Education department and some headmasters of the Kamalanagar town area. Continue reading

District Child Protection Officer In Kamalanagar To Form the VLCPC

Kamalanagar, 26 August 2016: The District Child Protection Officer, Lawngtlai District Miss Mary Lalremruati is in Kamalanagar with her subordinate staff for a week long programme to form the Village Level Child Protection Committees (VLCPC). So far the VLCPCs of Kamalanagar-II, Chawngte-P and Saizawh-W have been formed. The VLCPCs of Kamalanagar-III and Kamalanagar-IV will be formed today. Continue reading

Four MDCs of Chakma Council Sworn-in as Executive Member

Kamalanagar, 20 November: The remaining four Executive Members of the new Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council were sworn-in today. With this the Executive Committee of CADC gets to full strength of eight members including the Chief Executive Member.

The MDCs who were sworn-in as Executive Member are Dangu Parimal Chakma, Dangu Buban Kumar Chakma, Dangu Amit Kumar Chakma and Dangu Purna Muni Chakma. They were appointed by His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram on recommendation of the new Chief Executive Member Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya. Continue reading

Total Literacy Drive Programme Launched at Kamalanagar, CADC

Kamalanagar, April 22, 2015: Lawngtlai District one of the three targeted districts for total literacy drive had its Total Literacy Drive Launching Programme organized today at Kamalanagar, the Headquarter of Chakma Autonomous District Council. The Programme was organized by Lawngtlai District Working Committee on Literacy Drive whose chairman is District Education Officer, Lawngtlai.
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CADC, MP To Help Kamalanagar College & Vijoygiri Academy

Kamalanagar August 31:               The Executive Committee, Chakma Autonomous District Council held a meeting in the office Chamber of Chief Executive Member where the Hon’ble local MLA Sri N P Chakma was also present as a special invitee, to take stock of the situation following the disaster of the fire accident where the only College within CADC area and a private school, Vijoy Giri Acdemy, were burnt to ashes. Sri N P Chakma arrived the night after the incident took place.

                The meeting expressed its sympathy over the tragic fire incident towards the management authorities and student fraternity and conveyed its solidarity towards the process of rebuilding. The Executive Committee pledged to sanction Rs.50,000.00 to each of the institutions. While Sri Nirupam Chakma informed the meeting that Pu. C L Ruala, Hon’ble Member of Parliament assured help in the rebuilding process, on the request made by Sri K K Tongchagya, CEM, CADC who is presently camping at Delhi, by pledging Rs.12.00 lakhs to the College and Rs.3.00 lakhs to Vijoygiri Academy. Sri N P Chakma also pledged Rs.50,000.00 to each of the institutions as furniture grant under MLA LAD fund.

                The meeting also proposed to allocate for fund provision under MSDP towards reconstruction of the Vijoygiri Academy.

                The CEM, CADC on a tour to Delhi, informed via telephone that while calling on Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar, Hon’ble Union Minister, DONER has assured of releasing the 1st Installment against the construction of Kamalanagar College under DONER Ministry within 15th of next month.

                To see that the students don’t suffer their classes, the CADC authorities have decided to provide one school to each of the institutions as a temporary arrangement to run their classes. This should allay fears of the guardians about their wards academic prospect for this year.

                The accident has destroyed properties worth Rs.3.5 Crores belonging to the college while Vijoygiri Academy lost properties worth Rs.1.0 Crore.

Kamalanagar College gutted in a fire accident

Kamalanagar, August 29: In an unfortunate tragic incident the only College within CADC area and Vijoy Giri Academy, a private school in the heart of Kamalanagar town, were gutted into ashes in an unprecedented inferno. The cause of the fire could not be ascertained as of now while it is suspected that electrical short circuit seems the most probable cause.
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