Press Releases

Governor’s rule imposed on CADC

Kamalanaga, July 4, 2017: Invoking para 16(2) and para 20BB of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India the Governor finally assumed the power and functions of CADC by an order issued dated 4th July, 2017 while at the same time instructed the Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District, who will act on his behalf, to ensure a free and fair floor test of the Chakma Autonomous District Council within a week.

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CEM Revoked Order Of Appointment, Service Regularization, Pay Upgradation, etc.

Kamalanagar, 25 June 2017: The CEM, CADC Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya revoked orders of appointment, service regularization, promotion, service transfer and pay upgradation of as many as 84 persons mostly signed by the in-charge CEM Dg. Purnamuni Chakma.
The orders so signed by the in-charge CEM were done under normal charge and no authorization was taken from the incumbent CEM, said Dg. KK Tongchangya.

Rajnath Singh’s Parva Visit Cancelled

Kamalanagar, 14 June, 2017: Incessant rain and bad weather forced cancellation of Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh’s visit to Parva village on 13th June.
It would have been his maiden visit to CADC. District administration officials including the DC, SP, Sr. Medical Officer, EE (PHE), SDO (P&E), SDO (C), Chawngte and District Project Coordinator (SSA) with their subordinate staff reached Parva on 11 June amidst heavy and incessant rain. Some 20 vehicles of the civil administration and of the arm forces who were heading to Parva to attend the programme got stuck on the stretch of road between Devasora ‘S’ and Parva. Land slide and slippery road made it impossible for any vehicle to pass. The land removers put into service were of no help.

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DC Pledged To Sanction Rs.40 Lakh for Construction of Bridge Across River Tuichawng At Parva

Kamalanagar, June 13, 2017: A. Muthamma Laxmi, DC, Lawngtlai who happened to be at Parva to attend the programme of visit of Union Home Minister pledged a sanction of Rs.40 Lakh for construction of a bridge across river Tuichawng at Parva. Having witnessed the flooding of river Tuichawng in Parva she felt Rs.40 Lakh will not be sufficient and assured the local leaders to make the construction of the bridge a continued scheme.

4 Executive Members of CADC Tendered Resignation

Kamalanagar, 24 April 2017: In a turn for a new political development four Executive Members of Chakma Autonomous District Council resigned from their office today. There are eight Executive Members including the Chief Executive Members. The reason for their resignation is yet to be ascertained but it is believed the move is to install a new CEM.

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12th Chakma District Council Employee Association General Conference Held; Refer Cases of Promotion to The Employees Association

Kamalanagar, 20 April 2017: Dg. Santosh Chakma, President, CDCTA while speaking on the 12th Chakma District Council Employees Association General Conference suggested to refer any request for promotion/pay up-gradation to the two Employees Associations of CADC to avoid acquiescing out of political compulsion. The proposal was made with reference to an advice to the employees in general by Dg. Amit Kumar Chakma, i/c CEM, CADC to refrain from making request for undue/underserved promotion.
The CDCEA conducted its 12th General Conference from 20th to 22nd April and elected a new Executive Body. Dg. Amit Kumar Chakma i/c CEM, CADC and Dg. Dayal Chandra Chakma, Chairman, CADC graced the occasion as its Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

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