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CEM visits schools in and around Kamalanagar town area

Kamalanagar, May 25, 2018: In a two day tour programme on May 24 and 25, the new CEM, CADC Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma in keeping with his pledge to make school education a priority of his government visited most of the schools in and around Kamalanagar town area.
He was accompanied by Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, E/M i/c Middle School Education, Dg. Sanjiv Chakma, E/M i/c Primary School Education and Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, Education Officer.

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CADC Budget 2018-19 passed

Kamalanagar, May 21, 2018: The CADC Budget for the fiscal year 2018-19 for an amount of Rs.86.5916 Crores which was tabled on May 17, was discussed and passed today by 17 Members voting in favour while one Member (of the MNF party) voting against.

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CADC Budget 2018 presented; Discussion and voting on May 21, 2018

Kamalanagar, May 17, 2018: Dg. Shati Jiban Chakma, CEM, CADC presented the first Budget of 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the fiscal year 2018-19 in the second sitting of the CADC Budget Session which started on May 14. The budget will be discussed and voted on May 21, in the final sitting of the Budget Session while giving the Members time to study it. Continue reading

Executive Committee of 10th CADC formed

Kamalanagar, May 16, 2018: The eight member Executive Committee of the newly elected 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council has been formed today with Dg. Anil Kanti Chakma, MDC, 4-Bajeisora, Dg. Hiranand Tongchangya, MDC, 16-Damdep, Dgb. Kusum Lota Chakma, MDC, 2-Borapansury-II, Dg. Sanjeev Chakma, MDC, 7-Kamalanagar ‘W’, Dg. Mohan Chakma, MDC, 20-Parva, Dg. Buban Kumar Chakma, MDC, 19-Devasora ‘S’ and Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, MDC, 10-Mondirasora. Subjects and departments are yet to be allotted to the newly sworn-in Executive Members.

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Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma, BJP MDC, leader of ULP sworn-in as CEM of 10th CADC

Swearing in of Dangu Shanti Jiban Chakma as the Chief Executive Member of CADC

Swearing in of Dangu Shanti Jiban Chakma as the Chief Executive Member of CADC

Kamalanagar, May 4, 2018: The BJP led United Legislature Party (ULP), formed jointly by the elected Members of 10th CADC belonging to the BJP and INC party, who staked claim to form the new government in CADC following the 10th CADC General Election, formally took charge today with the swearing-in of its leader Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma as the new Chief Executive Member. Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma has won from the 3-Chhotapansury MDC Constituency with BJP ticket.

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10th CADC General Election: no party secured absolute majority

Kamalanagar, April 24, 2018: The 10th CADC General Election held on 20th April 2018 resulted in a hung Council with no single party securing absolute majority. Counting of votes was conducted today. The MNF secured 8 seats, the INC 7 and the BJP 5, out of the 20 seats with election to one being withheld by the Gauhati High Court Aizawl Bench following challenge of the decision of the Returning Officer to declare Kali Kumar Tongchangya, INC candidate of 18-Fultuli constituency winner uncontested. The Returning Officer rejected the nomination of Dg. Samir Tongchangya, MNF candidate of 18-Fultuli on the ground that his seconder was a government servant under CADC. Continue reading

CADC is going to poll on 20th April

Kamalanagar, March 23, 2018:  General Election to 10th CADC has been notified today with polling to be held on 20th April 2018. The notification came a day after the dissolution of the current Executive Committee of CADC.

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