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Amit Kumar Chakma

Shri Amit Kumar Chakma of 15- Rengkashya MDC Constituency was appointed as the Chief Executive Member of the Chakma Autonomous District Council w.e.f. 3rd Nov 2017.

The Chakma Autonomous District Council is an autonomous council for ethnic Chakma people, formed under the sixth schedule to the Constitution of India on April 29, 1972. The Council exercises legislative, executive and judiciary powers over allotted departments within the territory of CADC.

With an area of 686.25 square kilometers, CADC shares international boundaries with Bangladesh and Myanmar and has a population of 45,307 which roughly constitutes half of the total ethnic Chakma population in Mizoram.

The CADC is headquartered at Kamalanagar and is headed by the Chief Executive Member (CEM) and Executive Members (EMs). The Council has a total of 24 Members of District Council (MDCs), out of which 20 are elected members and the other 4 being nominated members.

Dayal Chandra Chakma
Chairman, CADC

The incumbent Chairman of the Chakma Autonomous District Council assumed office after the resignation of the previous Chairman.

M M Lakhera chairing the session
MM Lakhera Visit
Visit of M M Lakhera
Visit of M M Lakhera
Kamalanagar Helipad